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Yoga and Meditation Trek

SUCCESS ADVENTURE TREKS operates various activities intending to provide its valued customers an opportunity to relax and rest in the natural environment of the Yoga centres. We believe that the natural beauty of the gardens complimented with the views of hills, forest and green sceneries provide the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s spiritual energy. The peaceful environment of the Yoga centres allows you to reconnect and reveal your own deeper knowledge making you forget all the absurdities of life. The yoga centres runs classes for yoga postures,  restorative postures, breath awareness and meditation.  These activities help us be free of tension and keeps our mind busy with a deeper knowing of the self and the world.
Nepa, being comfortably nestled between China and India, is a natural mandala for meditation. Having been located amidst the Himalayan mountain range, Nepal is a home to the highest place on earth attracting the spiritual seekers from around the golb for centuries. Having possessed rich cultures of Buddhism and Hinduism, Nepal offers Yoga as a living tradition. Particularly, Kathmandu Valley offers various yoga centres with an environment of rich spiritual legacy, enlightenment and landscapes.
Excavating oneself is really possible only by retreating in the sacred places.Success Adventure Treks has meticulously designed itineraries for you such that you can practice yoga and meditation within the establishment of a traditional Buddhist community. Travellers from around the globe have been taking advantage of this rare privilege and opportunity. They not only explore and expand but also experience the living essence of yoga. Yoga and meditation retreat in Nepal provides you with an opportunity to transform yourself in a stunning Tibetan monastery nestled in the foothills of the Kathmandu valley. You will definitely investigate philosophy and psychology with the exploration of Yoga’s practical tools and establish harmony between contentment and inner understanding.
The energizing morning and afternoon yoga classes, delicious healthy food and peaceful environment offers you relics and contentment. The experienced yoga teachers help you practice and learn the basics of mediation in any Yoga retreats we opt to visit. We have particularly designed this activity so that you will step back from your contemporary life and look into nature, the nature of the physical world, and the nature of mind making you free of all the concerns of the material world. Whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner of Yoga, you will relish the powerful energy, peace and surroundings of this unique opportunity to retreat in Nepal. You will definitely take home a new practice and a lifelong treasure.

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